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Past interviews…

The Antlers
I caught up with Peter Silberman a few weeks before the release of Burst Apart to ask him about the album, tour preparations and more.

After ?uestlove rehearsed for his recent PIFA event with Keren Ann, I had the chance to ask him a few questions about a homeless vegetarian, The Roots Picnic and more.

Deerhunter’s PR representative at Motormouth Media tweeted that the next five people to call their office can interview lead singer Bradford Cox. So I did and I was caller number three, which led to this ‘flash interview’.

Maps & Atlases
Erin Elders spoke to us about the band, their hometown Chicago and more.

Shay Haley dropped by via telephone before N.E.R.D. played at Temple University to talk about their new record, finding music on Youtube and more.

The xx
The 20 year old lead singer/guitarist of the band, Romy Madley Croft, phoned in a week before the show for a quick interview about how they got their start, life as a rockstar and more.

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Joe D”Agnostino, one of the band’s originals, gave us a quick interview about the band, 2009 highlights and what to expect from CEG in 2010.

Neon Indian
The guy behind it all, Alan Palomo, chatted before he delved into a long recording session for a new song.

Bass player, Russell Leetch, gave an interview over the phone from his hotel room in LA. We talk the new album, tour, football(soccer), and more.

Real Estate
Martin Courtney talks about growing up in New Jersey, the recording process of their debut album and more.

The So So Glos
Zach Staggers dropped by to talk The Pistola contributor, Joe Gallagher, about the city he calls home, the idea of DIY, their plans for the future and more.

Phil Moore chatted as the band was drove to Washington, DC.

Brett Dennen
The singer/songwriter came by to talk about a few different things: what he’s up to, his new record and what he thinks of Philadelphia.

Holiday Shore
Nathan spoke to us over the phone about the band, his recent video shoot and a few other things.

Randy, the person behind it all, came by to talk about the church and his upbringing, and where he’s headed in 2010.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Kip dropped by before a show to talk about a few different things including his background, the album artwork and more.

Alec Ounsworth(of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!)
The Philly local stopped by to talk about his solo record and what CYHSY is up to.

Clare And The Reasons
Claire stopped in for an interview to give a few recommendations and talk about her music.

Tiesto did an interview a few days prior to talk about his new record, what he’s listening to and what he loves about playing live.

Toy Soldiers
Ron Gallo, the lead singer/guitar player, of the local Philly band gave us some details on how they got their start, where their name came from and a few other cool things.

Sharon Van Etten
Sharon dropped by before a show to talk about how she ended up in Brookyln, working with The Antlers and more.

The Walkmen
Matt Barrick talked about what it’s like to work with producer Chris Zane(Passion Pit, more), the new record and a few other things.

TV On The Radio
Gerard Smith spoke to us over the phone about several different things: art history, having a band member as the producer, and his plans for their hiatus.

Chris Kilmore talks about their recent greatest hits record, how the band’s feeling, and a few other interesting things.

Alex Drewchin
20 year old Alex Drewchin has an amazing voice. She dropped by for an interview and gave some pretty whacky answers.

Peter Bjorn And John
Peter and John sat down for an interview after their show at the World Cafe Live last May and were very entertaining. They’re some good people.


Written by Colin Kerrigan

November 29, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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