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British indie rockers Editors played the Trocadero Theatre on Saturday night(02.20) with The Antlers. A few weeks prior to the show, Editors bass player Russell Leetch checked in for a phone interview before the band headed to see Avatar. We went on to talk about several different topics including producer Mark Flood, football(soccer) and the New Moon soundtrack. Interview and a photo from the show below.

The Pistola: So you guys are on the west coast right tomorrow and you starts tour tomorrow…

Russell Leetch: Yeah, tomorrow in Seattle. We’re suppose to be doing Conan this evening . Obviously, he’s not on air so we’re not doing it. We’re doing another promo instead. But tour starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. It should be fun, it’s been a while since we’ve been here(US).

TP:What were rehearsals like for the tour? Were they different from past tours?

Russell: The last tour we did, we had to put the songs together when we were rehearsing them because that album was made in the studio. However, this record we composed it all beforehand. So we actually played everything live, played all the synths live and then recorded it live. It was actually a lot easier for us to translate on to stage.  We have a lot more equipment and a lot more drum triggers that have potential to go wrong all the time.

TP: Right. Since you guys are using a lot more synths and such, did working with Mark Flood have a lot of influence over the new record?

Russell: Oh, yeah. Flood’s from a background that specializes in that. He’s done some classic albums like Violator by Depeche Mode and more. Pretty huge records with kind of synthness in them. It just seems when we went to him we already started working on synths so he just seemed like the best choice.

TP: I was reading that you had recorded 18 songs for the new record. How did you decide on cutting down the songs to just nine songs?

Russell: Well, when you say, ‘cutting’; it’s right. We released like an EP along with the record in the UK, which is called Cuttings II. Basically, it was the songs that were left off the album that we didn’t think fitted. Those nine songs fit well together as a piece . The other tracks are a little bit more guitar oriented with the riffs. So they’re a little bit different.  We put out the EP and I think you can get it on iTunes in the States.  I’m not certainly sure.  So people can see what else we were doing. Maybe we’ll do a record that has more big riffs as well.

TP: I’m sure you guys get this a lot, but how did you end up on the New Moon soundtrack?

Russell: The director asked Tom(Smith) directly. He liked the band. He heard the demo of the song cause we actually sent them out to a couple of people. He was just interested and just ended up using the demo version. It’s just Tom on his piano at home by himself recorded on the four-track. And it made a big Hollywood movie.

TP: Did you end up watching the film?

Russell: I haven’t actually.  Never seen it, no. I mean it’s not really a film for me. I’m sure I’ll watch it at some point, but it’s not something that I haven’t actually decided to see.

TP: I haven’t either, but it has a pretty killer lineup of musicians…

Russell: Yeah, it’s nice to be involved. I like St. Vincent. I like Seu Wolfe. Obviously, I like Radiohead.

TP: Very cool. So are you guys football fans or I guess I should say soccer?

Russell: Yeah! I mean Ed(Lay) and Chris(Urbanowicz) are really big football fans. They actually have a sports agent. And they go on a lot TV and radio programs in the UK as kind of celebrities and talk about football. That’s how much they like it.

TP: Really? Who do they support?

Russell: They support Ipswich and Nottingham Forest. I used to support Aston Villa, well I kind of still do but I just don’t follow as hard.

TP: They’re doing pretty well this season.

Russell: Yeah, definitely. They’re getting better and better every season so I think it’s good for the fans. That’s why I stopped liking them because they were just so boring for ages.

TP: (laughs) Nice. How did your tour with The Antlers come about? Was it a booking agent type deal or did you guys have a say in the opener?

Russell: No, we always have a say who goes on tour with us. It’s always put to us. We always try to create good, interesting bills. Even if the person only knows us because of a tune on the radio, we want them to like the bands that we like. And to vary up, we don’t just go for bands that are exactly like us. We have had a lot of varying sports; some are hits, some are misses, but we really like The Antlers record. It’s one of our recent favorites.

TP: So are you looking forward to anything this year in 2010 since it kind of just started?

Russell: We’re doing loads of gigs and I’m sure the festivals will lots of fun. Just kind of cracking on, doings shows. Just looking forward to getting back in the studio and doing another record, really. There’s lots of things that are just popping up all the time.


Written by Colin Kerrigan

February 23, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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