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Atlas Sound in the Sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church(PHOTOS + words)

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Below are the long lost(but found) Atlas Sound photos and words from the First Unitarian Church on December 16, 2011…

Atlas Sound(aka Bradford Cox, the frontman of Deerhunter) released four volumes of bedroom recordings titled “Bedroom Databank” in November of 2010. They were recorded over a few month period where Cox holed up in his room with his guitars, loop and effect pedals

On Friday night, Atlas Sound’s show was kind of like his bedroom albums. Cox was just hanging out with the people who were packed into the Sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church and played his music. He was in a very upbeat mood and hung out for nearly two hours, playing songs off his new record Parallax and older stuff as well. The night was a special treat for those in attendance that only a handful of cities got to experience. Luckily, Philly was one of them.

More photos of ATLAS SOUND below


Written by Colin Kerrigan

January 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Youth Lagoon @ Milk Boy in Philadelphia – 11/16/2011 (words + photos)

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This post of Youth Lagoon was lost for a little, but it has been found! It was supposed to go up the day after the show…

There are few times a year when you get to witness an artist or a band play songs off one of your favorite records of the year. Last week I got to see Youth Lagoon play songs off one of my favorite albums of the year– The Year Of Hibernation — at a sold-out show at Milk Boy down on Chestnut Street.

His record, with its memorizing vocals and soft melodies, has literally been on repeat ever since it was released in late September, which led me to have high hopes for last week’s show. Not surprisingly, my expectations were not disappointed.

Trevor and his buddy/guitar player, Logan Hyde played all the songs off The Year Of Hibernation in a jumble ordered. Even though, his record has only been out for a month, people were singing along word for word, most noticeably during “17”. The sound on his album translated extremely well live with a little extra punch. The pre-recorded drums were very upfront but not too overpowering. His soft vocals and subtle piano were still present throughout. The highlights of the night were when he jokingly called out the fan who was smoking pot a few rows back, “July” and the soft singalong whispers during “17”. It was a very comfortable atmosphere put forth by the two dudes from Boise, Idaho.

After the set, Trevor and Logan hung out with crowd, taking photos and signing autographs, before they were on they’re way north to Boston. Trevor was very genuine with his fans and made sure he spoke to everyone who wanted to chat. To sum it up in one sentence, it was a rad show put on by two cool dudes.

More photos of Youth Lagoon @ Milk Boy below….

Written by Colin Kerrigan

November 28, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Woods played Johnny Brendas last Friday 08/12/2011(photos)

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Brooklyn band Woods played at Johnny Brenda’s on Friday night where they brought along their lo-fi, folky and, at times, spacey jams. It was a pretty packed crowd, but there were weird vibes going on between the audience and the band members. The band didn’t really say much while the crowd didn’t really know when to applaud due to the songs blending into one another. Most of the tunes carried on well individually but a few of the band’s long, spaced out jams caused audience members to lose interest and carry on with whatever conversation, whether in-person or via text message, they had going.

More photos below…

Written by Colin Kerrigan

August 15, 2011 at 2:00 am

of Montreal played the TLA on Friday night(photos)

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I had no idea I was even going to this show until a few hours before it started. Our good friends over at tweeted to the world, “We’re giving away a pair of tickets to of Montreal at The TLA tonight! First person to reply with the hashtag #freestuffphrequency wins!” so I gave it a try and won. It was the second time in a month that I had won tickets to a show via Twitter.

Since I wasn’t there to cover the show, I decided to enjoy myself and the music. I did manage to take a few photos though. Overall it was a fun-filled energetic night with of Montreal who put on their signature, whacky/awesome live show. No other act out there today can top their stage performances. Did you go? Let us know what you thought.

Written by Colin Kerrigan

May 2, 2011 at 12:38 am

Nicos Gun @ Diamond Riggs Studio 04/19/2011 (photos)

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The other day Nicos Gun were at Diamond Riggs Studio rehearsing and jamming out to new material for their upcoming EP, which will be released sometime this year. They have a few songs recorded but they’re still working out a bunch of other songs as well. They don’t want to put a time limit on the process since they’re in no rush to get it out.

I had the opportunity to check it out and talk to the band for an upcoming story in JUMP Magazine. The issue will hit the streets June 3rd, the same weekend as The Roots Picnic (Nicos Gun will be there as well.)

Check out the rest of the photos below…

Written by Colin Kerrigan

April 21, 2011 at 11:27 am

Foster The People, Grouplove, We Barbarians @ Kung Fu Necktie 04/10/2011 (photos)

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I had no idea I was going to this show until about an hour before it started. It had been sold out for months, but luckily for me, I happened to check Twitter at the right time. We Barbarians had tweeted earlier on in the day that whoever sent them a photo of a Philly mural would be placed on the guest list. Just by chance, I live within a block or two of at least three or four murals so I simply went outside, snapped a photo and tweeted back to them with the photo attached. And that was that.

Overall it was a great show. Foster The People, Grouplove and We Barbarians all brought something different to the show and the crowd really fed off that. Below are a bunch of photos…

We Barbarians

More photos below…

Written by Colin Kerrigan

April 11, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Sharon Van Etten, Julianna Barwick at Johnny Brendas 01/20/2011 (words/photos)

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Last night’s show with Sharon Van Etten and Julianna Barwick was nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t catch Strand of Oaks, but from what I heard from conversation, they put on a decent performance as well.

Julianna performed solo, and through the use of a loop and sampler, she was able to craft a beautiful creation of layered harmonies. It was lovely to see the way she performed and how intuitive her ear was for instrumental voice.

Sharon’s set was by far the highlight of 2011 thus far. Playing material from her latest record, Epic, which was recorded here in Philadelphia with Brian McTear, the crowd saw and heard her songs underscoring how truly wonderful her voice is. There is a powerful, instinctive quality about Sharon’s voice that carried through the venue and into the ears and hearts of those present. You could feel the honesty in the music, something you don’t necessarily feel nearly enough. It was a sincerely remarkable and touching show from Sharon and her guests. Photos below

Words and photos by Michael James Murray

Julianna Barwick

Sharon Van Etten

Written by Colin Kerrigan

January 21, 2011 at 4:36 pm