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Maps & Atlases @ the First Unitarian Church 04/20/2011 (photos + video)

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It was hot and steamy in the basement of the First Unitarian Church when Maps & Atlases played last Wednesday night. The band hadn’t been in Philly since August when they were at Kung Fu Necktie. Everyone in the venue were in high spirits after celebrating(or not) the holiday know as National Marijuana day; it was a beutiful, spring day on top of that.

Maps & Atlases made sure to keep everyone in such spirits throughout the night. First they played through an hour long set, on stage, running through both old & new songs from Perch Patchwork. Despite the show not being completely sold out, the crowd made it feel like it was. They were loud and, at times, rowdy particularly the people in the front. Rowdy in a good way though.

After the electric set, the band went out into the crowd and played an intimate acoustic set in the middle of everyone. The last time they were here, Maps & Atlases did a similar set outside of Kung Fu Necktie. They did a handful of songs both times and each time it was fantastic. One of the best ways to end a show. If you weren’t there this last time, my good friend at The Calcutta Blog caught the acoustic show on video. Check it out all the way at the bottom of the photos.


Written by Colin Kerrigan

April 23, 2011 at 1:26 pm

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