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Naked Hearts Interview

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DOWNLOAD: The Naked Hearts – Mass Hysteria (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Naked Hearts – Call Me (MP3)

Naked Hearts kick off a mini-tour tonight at West Philly’s Danger Danger Gallery. They released an album Mass Hysteria earlier this year. Grab two tracks from the album above. The band stopped by for a interview where we talk about how they got started, their alternative drink to Four Loko, where they’re really from, and more. Check it out below.

Could you introduce yourself?
NOAH: Hey Pistola Press! We’re Naked Hearts, the NYC boy-girl pop duo comprised of Amy Cooper on guitar/vocals and myself, Noah, on drums/vocals.  Nice to meet you.

How did Naked Hearts come to be?
N: Amy and I met while playing in different bands the same night at a club in NYC a few years ago.  We were instantly drawn to each others music.  A few months later I went on tour with Amy playing drums promoting her second solo record, Mirrors.  I was singing backup harmonies at the shows, and we really liked the vibe our voices together.  While on the road we wrote a song together called Naked Hearts.  We weren’t really thinking about starting a band, but after writing a few more songs together I think we were hooked on the idea.

Before you became a band, what were you up to?
N: We were both playing music mostly.  Amy was playing her solo stuff, along with this band Rubies she was in for a while.  I was playing in a couple of different bands in NY among other things.

Do you have a day job? If so, what do you do?
N:  Yeah, I teach guitar and bass lessons, and do some office work here and there.  Amy teaches photography and darkroom.  We try to stay away from the 9-5 thing as much as we can though.

Are you originally from Brooklyn? If not, where did you live beforehand and how/why did you end up there?
N: Nope, we’re transplants.  I’m from St. Louis and Amy is from San Francisco.  I came to NJ to get a degree in Jazz Bass, and Amy went to school in NY for photography.  We both ended up staying in the city for the most part after college.

You guys released Mass Hysteria in May. What have you been up to since the release?
N: This year has been pretty awesome.  After the release, we did a show in Mexico City.  That show was a blast!  The show was packed – and they really know how to party down there…  We also went on the Beach Tour in July with two other duos from Brooklyn, She Keeps Bees, and This Frontier Needs Heroes.  The idea was to play as many places near the beach, or any body of water to swim in , as possible.  It was probably the best tour any of us had been on; we brought the party wherever we showed up to play.  We switched the set order every night, brought turntables and records to spin in between the sets, and would play some family jams too with all 6 of us.

Have you been writing any new material? Any plans for another record?
AMY: Yeah we are always writing new music. And definitely yes on recording another record. We can’t wait to follow up this last one with something different.

Do you have a collaborative writing process or do you two write separately or … ?
A: We have both. We both write songs independently of one another, but we also write songs together as well. Even if one of us  writes the majority of one song the other will help put the final touches on it.

What three non-musical things inspire you?
A: Films / Photography, Astrology and Magic

What are your thoughts on Four Loko? Are you a fan?
N:  It’s great.  I heard that it might be getting banned?  If so, that’s ok. I’ll just get some vodka, red bull, grape soda, and some 5 hour energy and that should do it.

What are your three favorite records of 2010?
N & A:  Blonde Redhead : Here Sometimes
Home Video – The Automatic Process
Snoop Dogg – Malice in Wonderland (might have been end of 2009…)

What has been a highlight for you this past year?
N: Beach Tour in July w/ She Keeps Bees and This Frontier Needs Heroes.


Written by Colin Kerrigan

December 1, 2010 at 1:30 am

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