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Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club at the Mann Center 06/27/2010

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The last time Passion Pit played Philadelphia, they sold out the basement of the First Unitarian Church, which holds no more than 500 people… if that. On Sunday night, the band played to thousands of screaming fans at the Mann Center of Performing Arts. In between the two shows, Passion Pit went from an hipster adored indie band to a main stream phenomenon getting air-time on MTV.

Their performance was full of energy and acted as a drug for the crowd. Everyone appeared to be having the time of their lives thanks to Passion Pit‘s upbeat feel good music. It was quite the spectacle to witness thousands of people cheering and dancing the entire time. People loved them so much that a kid in the front row offered lead singer Michael Angelakos a $20 tip. He was flattered but could not accept it since the fan had already paid for a ticket. This caused even more people to throw bills his way. Needless to say, Passion Pit are well on their way to being superstars. If they follow-up Manners with another killer record, they will have established themselves as true rockstars.

Tokyo Police Club played a solid 45 minute set before Passion Pit. They played a bunch of songs off their new record, Champ, and played a few off their debut, Elephant Shell. The highlights of their set were the newest single Breakneck Speed” and “Your English Is Good”. They’re a great band with a fun live show, but a smaller venue would have suited them much better. Hopefully they come back around soon. Photos below.

Tokyo Police Club

Passion Pit


Written by Colin Kerrigan

June 29, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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