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Kurt Vile, Creepoid at Beautiful World Syndicate on Record Store Day 04/17/2010

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To celebrate Record Store Day, Kurt Vile & the Violators played a free in-store performance at Beautiful World Syndicate in South Philadelphia on Saturday with Creepoid. As always, Kurt Vile and the Violators were as loud and raucous as ever.  Mike Zanghi played on a floor tom instead of a full drum set to keep the neighbors from complaining. Jesse from the violators looked as if he was going to break his guitar while Adam played on his knees jamming away in the corner.  The crowd gathered in tight at BWS during KV’s rendition of Spacemen 3‘s “Hey Man.”  The room wreaked of the free hot dogs/veggie dogs and everyone had records in hand to celebrate the holiday.  This may be the last live show Kurt Vile the Violators play for a little while, because Kurt’s scheduled to become a new father before he hits the road again in June.

The opener Creepoid were filled with familiar lo-fi riffs.  This show was only the band’s second live set together.  They featured three vocalists, a guitar made into a slide and during their second song the lead vocalist contributed with violin.  They are a new band and side project of Patrick and Anna Troxell from Philly band, The G. Creepoid just put out a new EP, Yellow Life Giver, so keep an eye out for them around the city. Photos below.

Photos and words by Tiffany Yoon


Kurt Vile & the Violators


Written by Tiffany Yoon

April 19, 2010 at 11:19 am

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