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R.I.P Terrodome

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West Philly’s beloved Terrordome will no longer host shows. The venue was known for having some of the best DIY all ages shows in the city. More details below or read the full letter HERE.

“I know this is sudden, but we’ve got to pull out. As of the last month or so, we’ve been publicized pretty heavy, and out of nowhere investigators have begun to dig around like assholes. So we’re calling it quits. They’ve found us, and even though they don’t know us or understand what a positive force all ages diy spaces can be, we’re going to assume they want to make us hurt.

Well, we aren’t going to let them charge us with fines or make believe crimes we didn’t commit, and we certainly aren’t going to let strangers run us out of our own home. So, our option now is to back out before they can do any harm.

It’s been a fun a wild fucking ride, and we managed to pull off 60+ shows since we moved in during July. We may not make our goal of 100, but shit, we gave it a good start. Thanks to all the awesome bands, kids from the suburbs, and crusties from other places, we were able to make our mark.”

-via Philly Shred (thanks to Joe Gallagher for the Twitter tip)


Written by Colin Kerrigan

March 1, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Posted in Music, Philadelphia

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